Sunday, May 28, 2017

Foam Run

I am still playing catch up over here.  Today's topic is last Saturday's Foam Run.  A while back I had seen something about a foam filled, obstacle race.  I tried, in vain, to convince my running partner to do it with me.  Somehow in talking with her, talking with Jeremy, and knowing that I didn't want to run it by myself, it ended up that Jeremy ran it himself instead.

From my point of view it was a fun and messy run.  They started and ended the run with a wall of foam you had to run through.  Over the course of the the 2.5 mile run there were inflatable obstacles, mud pits, water, and more foam.  The kids and I had a good time trying to find Jeremy along the race course and at the end Merrick decided to hop onto the course and cross the finish line with dad.  Merrick was also very pleased that when he crossed the finish line they handed him a medal and commemorative towel too.

It was a fun day.  Next year Merrick will be old enough to actually run and we have already started talking about he, Jeremy, and I all doing it together.

Jeremy here - the foam race was really fun.  My favorite part was the 40 foot inflatable slide.  I was surprised how fast I went on it.  There was a water pit at the end of the slide to stop you.  I went so fast I ended up with my leg hanging over the end of the water pit.  I will definitely do this next year!

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