Sunday, October 30, 2016

Until We Meet Again Grampy

Somewhere in the gray area where yesterday became today we got a text that Jeremy's grandpa, Francis Paul Bunker, had passed away.  This news came with very mixed emotions as it is hard for us to say goodbye but best for Grampy who has been very ill for a very long time and mostly unconscious all week.  After the news came Jeremy and I shared tears and then made plans with his mom for us to travel to Arizona for the funeral.

Grampy was such a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather.  It has been such a treasure the last eleven years to have been welcomed into the family and loved by him.  I will never forget all those Sunday night dinners at their house when Jeremy and I were first married.  I look forward to the day when we will be able to sit around the table together again.  Until that day, we love you Grampy!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall Fun

This week was ALL about home reno projects.  I anticipate that being the case for the next several weeks.  My poor kids are already sick of hanging out at the new house while we work on things, but alas thus is life.  I did try to do a few fun things for the kids this week.  We had our ward pumpkin patch where this kids picked pumpkins, ate treats, and played.  We also went to our friend's fall party for her company yesterday.  We had lunch, the kids played on the playground, there was a hayride, pumpkins, crafts, and lots of candy.  I have to remind them sometimes that while life is not sooo fun right now, it isn't all bad either.  This too shall pass...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Big News

We have some big news this week that has been a while in the making.  On Wednesday we signed papers and on Friday we closed on a new house, well condo to be precise.  We have been house hunting for months with no real luck.  The market here is beyond crazy and if you are looking to spend under $400,000 your options are something tiny, something at least partly falling down, or both.  We quickly realized that we were not going to be buying our forever house, but a stepping stone house to get us in the market.

At the encouragement of our agent, we went to see a condo just a few streets away from us.  It was well under budget and priced below market value, but about the same size as our house and with two car garage.  We submitted an offer, and despite the fact that we were the lowest of the three offers they received,  we got it (we were the only offer not contingent on the sale of another property).

We have some serious projects ahead of us now but are really excited about the possibilities that it represents.  I have taken some "before" pictures, although I was so excited to start tearing off wallpaper and ripping up carpet that my "before" pictures are more like "during" pictures.  I debated posting pictures today, but ultimately decided to wait for the "after" pictures.  I guess you will just have to stay tuned.

Instead I will share this super cute creation of Merrick and CC's.  While I was running this week I gave the kids their Duplos to play with to keep themselves occupied.  They created Duplo versions of themselves.  Merrick's came complete with skateboard and CC was holding flowers and had flowers in her hair.  It was too precious not to capture.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Harvest Party

Yesterday was our ward harvest party.  Typically we have a "Trunk-or-Treat" but this year they decided to break with tradition and go with a harvest party instead.  Jeremy was none to pleased about this change but it ended up being a really fun time (even Jeremy thought so).

The party was held at the Eddington's home in their humongous (and really nice) horse barn.  We had a chili cook-off, face painting, a cupcake walk, the doughnut on a string game, bobbing for apples, and music.  They also used their ATV to pull people on a hayride.  The kids really loved the hayride.  In fact, when we first got there, Thane Eddington told CC he needed her help up front and let her sit up on the ATV.  She thought that was awesome.

There really was no part of the evening that my kids did not love.  I on the other had could have done without the germy bobbing for apples, especially when I found out the Merrick decided he was thirsty and couldn't find any other water so he was drinking the water from the bobbing for apples game (ewww!!!!).  Otherwise everything was great.

At the end of the night we had to pull the kids away.  I don't think they were too disappointed in the change from the "Trunk-or-Treat".

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunny Days Will Come and Go

Today it is raining and cold.  Last week is was sunny and almost too hot.  I can't help today but think about the fickleness of the weather this time of the year.  Honestly I love fall in the PNW.  It is perhaps my favorite time of the year, but I also know that it then brings on winter, which is fun for a few months but gets pretty old by Feb.  It turns out I am not the only one in my family with conflicting feelings of loving the sunshine, but longing for a change of seasons.  This week we were soaking up the sunshine at a park when Merrick and his BFF Finley decided to build a snowman.  The only problem was that it was almost 80 degrees so snow was a little hard to come by.  The solution of course was to build a snowman out of grass clippings.  Why didn't I think of that?  I guess the answer is to find the joy and excitement that seasons bring with them.

Is it just me or does there "grassman" look a little like Oscar the Grouch?