Sunday, June 14, 2015

Merrick's Preschool Graduation

On Friday Merrick graduated from preschool.  This is actually the third time he has graduated from Snickerdoodle Preschool, but this time it is going to stick.  He is the reason I started the preschool and I have so enjoyed having him there with me.  I feel like I have been given this huge blessing to have been his teacher both at home and at school for the last three years and I am not just a little sad that that chapter has come to a close.  I do, however, feel confident in the fact that he is going to take kindergarten by storm and never look back.  So to Merrick I say congratulations and, as both your mom and your teacher, I am so proud of you!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Master Builder

The theme for this week seemed to be Legos.  On Tuesday Merrick was pestering me to go do something fun.  I just happened to see online that the Lego store was having a free mini model build day and I decided that going would be a win-win.  Somehow I didn't really see this as being Carrigan's thing so I called Becca and traded a CC for a Quincy and Colvin and the three boys and I had an adventure.

The wait was long enough that once we got our kits we decided not to stay and build in the store, but to take our kits to go.  Merrick set to work on building his parrot the moment we got home.  At first he was asking for help, but I really needed to work on dinner so I told him he was on his own until dad got home.  He started and soon discovered he could do it on his own, which was really motivating for him.  The next thing I knew he had built the whole thing on his own (with the exception of snapping the wings on, which Jeremy helped with when he got home).  Merrick has been into Legos for a while, but this was the first model that he built step by step on his own.  He was so excited that he has slept with it pretty much every night since.  It does not have a name yet though so feel free to weigh in on that important decision.

The Lego theme continued on Thursday when we went to Lego Club at the library.  At Lego Club they have thousands and thousands of Legos spread everywhere.  They give the kids a topic and let their imaginations run wild.  This month's topic was vehicles.  Here is Merrick's creation with its description in his own words.  P.S. I did take CC to this activity and let me just say that my thought of Lego building not really being her thing was confirmed once again.