Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

This week was Christmas and in the days leading up to the big day, Christmas festivities were in full swing.

Monday night those of us still in Oregon (Emily and Kai had gone home that morning) went out to the sticks for an amazing light and decoration display put on by a local church.  In addition to the displays they had a light show, a musical performance, hot chocolate and cider, and apparently it snowed but we missed that part.  It was no Temple lights, but the true Spirit of Christmas could still be felt.

We were back together Wednesday for our traditional Christmas eve.  We re-enacted the nativity story found in Luke 2 and exchanged presents with Nana and Papa.  Carrigan had not had a nap that day and was beyond grumpy so there are no pictures of her, but here is Merrick with his gift and my parents with the blanket we had made for them (we also gave one to Grandpa and Lollie,but alas I don't have any pictures of them opening theirs).

After everyone went home to their respective houses and the little ones were all tucked in, Santa made his appearance.  Of course he filled stockings and brought some smaller gifts, but the big surprise was in the garage.  He brought new bikes for Jeremy, Merrick, and me and a new bike trailer for CC.

Christmas day was such a hit!  Merrick got Disney Infinity and when he opened it he saw the characters and said that he could not play with them because we "don't have infinity".  Once we explained to him that that is what he just opened, he was very excited.  He also got legos, Rescue Bot dinos, a ninja castle and sword, and a few other things.

The biggest hit for Carrigan was the bag of Hi-chews that Santa brought in her stocking.  She refused to put it down or open anything else at first.  I had to open most of her presents for her.  Once we got to her stroller, she decided she was excited about that but had to put her precious Hi-chews in for a ride.  Eventually she decided she was excited about other things too.  Her highlights included a "Cozy Coupe", building blocks, an art studio for the iPad, and clothes and shoes.  She particularly loves her gold shoes from Mom and Dad and her outfit from Grandpa and Lollie.

We are SO blessed!  Not only with the abundance of gifts that we received, but with the love of God and Christ and a love for each other.  It has been a wonderful holiday season!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fun with Visitors

This week brought some very welcome visitors to our neck of the woods.  We had long since know about my parents' travel plans from India (you can read about their perilous journey here) but we also had a surprise visit from Emily and Kai.  Emily and Kai arrived Tuesday night and my parents Wednesday night and life has been a whirlwind ever since.

Thursday, in addition to spending every free moment playing, (almost) all the cousins went to the bounce house for "lights out" bouncing.

Friday we made gingerbread houses.

Yesterday was full of shopping and we ended the day with something that I have wanted to do for years now, the Christmas Ships parade.  Every year (this was the 60th year) a fleet of ships decked out in Christmas lights traverses the Colombia and Willamette Rivers in a spectacular parade for onlookers along the river banks.  It was raining last night, but that didn't stop us from braving it, and having a really great time.

Today we had everyone over for dinner and a cousin Christmas gift exchange.

Tomorrow Emily and Kai go home.  We will really miss them (Merrick especially will miss Kai), but have had a really great time making the best of the short time we did have.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

With Christmas less than two weeks away, Christmas festivities are in full swing.  Last weekend, on our way home from Seattle, we stopped in at Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa.  Let's just say he was not a hit.  Carrigan and I talked about Santa while we were in line and it was going well right up until the time we walked up to him.  Then CC lost it.  I tried sitting her on my lap and sitting next to Santa and I tried bribing her with Santa's candy, but when neither worked I decided to just plop her on his lap (I am mean like that).  The trauma lasted even after we left Santa, but as soon as we walked out of the store she said in the sweetest little voice "Taint To Santa".

Over the course of this week we got stockings hung and experienced the adventure of our first outing to a tree farm to get a real tree.

Last night we capped of the week of festivities with a trip to Zoolights.  Saying is was crowded is a gross understatement, but the weather was really nice and we had a good time despite the crowds.

This week my parents come to town and we wrap up preschool until the new year.  I can't wait.