Sunday, July 15, 2018

Promos and New Tricks

It seems like now that we have three kids, the blogs don't wrap up as nicely into one central theme.  Instead, each week there are at least two separate things I want to talk about.  This week was no different.

The first theme of the week was "Promo Day".  This week we took advantage of two different promo days of local businesses.  The first was "cow appreciation day" at Chick-fil-a.  The kids and I were more than happy to throw on some cows spots for free kids meals and entrees.  Jeremy was less inclined to participate so the kids and I went for lunch.

The other promo of the week was "pay your age" day at Build a Bear.  Becca and I planned to take the kids but on the morning of the event we heard stories of people in other states waiting 5 hours.  Oregon tends to not be so crazy on these type of events so we told the kids we would go see, but we were not waiting 5 hours.  We got there almost an hour before the store opened and the line wasn't too bad.  We were only a couple of store fronts down so we decided to wait.  As we waited the line grew and grew behind us, wrapping around inside the mall and ultimately heading out of the mall and around the building.  We knew we had at least an hour wait until the store opened and then probably another hour until we were finished.  Unfortunately, when the store opened, we discovered that the line moved much slower than anticipated.  Even when we finally got into the store, the stuffing line was horrendous.  When we finally emerged victorious from the store, we had been at the mall for almost 5 hours.  I have no idea how long people further down the line waited or if they even got bears.  Since then I have told people that I am not sure it was worth 5 hours to save $50 and Merrick (wise beyond his years) said "Mom, I don't think we really saved $50 because if they weren't having the sale we wouldn't have gone at all and wouldn't have spent any money."  I guess I don't have to worry about his financial well-being in the future.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the "new tricks" portion of the blog.  Emily and her family went home early this week and I started thinking about the fact that over the last two weeks Elsie never saw the ground and was thinking that she would never learn to roll over.  I decided I needed to make sure she got some floor time that morning.  I set her down on her tummy and went ten feet away to put away her hair brush.  When I came out of the bathroom she was on her back.  I decided to see if it was a fluke so I flipped her back over and she flipped right back to her back.  We did that several times so I guess we're doing that now.  She is growing up faster than I can believe!


Sunday, July 8, 2018

Family Fun

This week was jam packed!  I really don't even know where to begin.  I guess I will just go day by day and sprinkle in pictures where I have them. 

Monday was our most low key day as Carrigan was still recovering from being sick, but we did spend time playing with cousins at Nana and Papa's house and shockingly Carrigan's tummy felt good enough that she jumped at a chance to get slurpees with her cousins.  The major highlight of Monday was giving Elsie solids for the first time.  We started with rice cereal and if our first experience was any indication of what is to come, this girl is going to like to eat.  I could hardly get the food in fast enough for her.

Tuesday we headed downtown.  We had Voodoo Doughnuts, lunch at the food carts and walked along the river.  We spent the afternoon at Playdate PDX, which has a three story play structure (think fancy McDonald's on steroids).  The kids were wiped out by the end and in serious need of a bath.

Wednesday was the 4th of July.  We started the day with a parade in Lake Oswego.  Jeremy didn't want to go so he stayed home with a sleeping Elsie and I took the big kids and went with Emily and her boys.  After the parade we all went with Em's and Bec's families and my parent to see Incredibles II.  We ended the day at my parents for dinner, s'mores, rocket launching, football, Samoan dancing and fireworks.  I was just saying that since we moved here, 4th of July has become one of my favorite holidays and it held true this year.

Thursday morning was about recovering from the 4th.  I wish I could say that my kids slept in but they never do.  Instead we just had a bit of a slow start to the morning before heading back over to my parents.  Ultimately we made it to the river beach in the afternoon and enjoyed a day of sand, sun and playing in the water.

Friday we spent the day at the aquatic center.  There was a slide, a wave pool, diving board, and a kiddie pool.  It is only about 20 minutes from our house and yet we have never been in the almost 7 years we have lived here (that isn't exactly true because Merrick went for the first time with a friend last week, but that really was the first time any of us had been).  If that wasn't enough for one day, all the cousins had a sleep over at Nana and Papa's that night.

Yesterday we wrapped up the week with a trip to the bounce house and a big screen movie in the cousin's backyard at dark--which doesn't happen until like 10pm in the summer.  It was a long night to wrap up a long week packed full of fun.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Summer's Begun

This week was the second full week of summer and yet with the kids at camp last week it feels like this was our first true week of summer.  We started the week with a trip to the zoo.  It has been a few months since we have been and the treat this time were some new baby animals.  There was a baby mountain goat, and a brand new monkey that I could never get a picture of, because it was snuggled u in its mama's arms.  Maybe it is because I am in the baby stage myself, but I really loved seeing these new baby animals.

The other excitement of the week is that Emily, Tala, Kai, and Kalani came to visit.  We have spent lots of time over at Nana and Papa's house and Elsie has loved getting extra family snuggles.  We always say that Aunt Emily has the sleep aura, but apparently Elsie has it too.  The kids also got to have a sleepover and in true Merrick, sports loving fashion, I walked in the house in the morning to find him watching the world cup.


Unfortunately, our weekend ended on a low note with a tummy bug for our Carrigan girl.  We have lots more fun planned for the week to come, so hopefully she is on the mend soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

4 Months Big and Blackmail

This has been a BIG week for Elsie.  Early in the week she took her first ever dip in the pool and on Friday she turned a big 4 months old.  How do I even go about telling you about this girl.  I think I have said this a few times in the last few months, but having an infant is hard.  When you haven't had an infant in your home for a while you forget all the hard parts, but our sweet Elsie smooths out the hard parts.  She is a little ray of sunshine.  Everywhere I go people comment to me how alert and expressive she is and it is true.  She is outgoing, vocal, and smiley and lights up for those she loves.  She is not yet rolling over but is getting close and has recently discovered her toes and has been known to even suck on them.  She usually wakes up about twice a night, but only eats once and the other time just needs her binkie to go back to sleep.  I don't know what we did without her, and I am pretty sure I have said that in the past few months too.

As far as the swimming goes, the big kids have made it into the pool several times already this summer, but this week was Elsie's first time.  She enjoyed it for about an hour before she decided she was done.  I just wasn't crazy about the fact that she kept dipping her hand in the pool and then sucking on it.  Hopefully we will work out the kinks and have a long summer full of pool time fun.

And as for the blackmail portion of the title, this week both Merrick and Carrigan were at sports camps.  Carrigan was at multi-sport camp with basketball, baseball, and soccer and Merrick was at tennis camp.  For Merrick's camp, they had Wacky Wednesday where they were encouraged to dress as wacky as possible and the wackiest dresser won a candy bar.  Merrick decided to go all out in my old cheerleader outfit and a bright red wig.  The picture is just too good not to share.  In the end he won the contest and provided us with some great blackmail material in the process.