Sunday, June 29, 2014

Let's go to the Mall- Arizona Vacation Part II

After spending a week and a half in Arizona, all I really have to say is that Arizona is hot, really hot.  We spent the entirety of our vacation trying in vain to stay cool so here are some of the consequences of the heat:

Consequence 1: The whole reason I stayed behind in AZ for an extra week was so that I could get some projects done on our Arizona house.  I had a game plan of exactly what I wanted to do while I was there, but as soon as I stepped off the plane and into that heat it all went out the window.  My drive and ambition literally melted and I got next to nothing done.

Consequence 2: CC got sick.  We don't really know the cause, but we assume the heat was to blame.  She threw up everyday from Sunday-Thursday.  Mostly she would keep little bits of food and drink down, but if I nursed her (which she won't go to sleep without), it would curdle in her stomach and she would throw up.

Consequence 2B: CC spent a good chunk of the week in a diaper and nothing else in an effort to stay cool.

Consequence 3: We were desperate to find things to do that were inside and out of the heat.  It turns out the the list of things to do that fit that criteria is very small.  You can go out to eat, go to the movies, or go to the mall and that is about it.  I feel like as the week went on that we were on a mall tour.  We visited just about every mall so the kids could play and we could stay cool.  My favorite was the play place "Architecture Kids" at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall.  I posted about it several years ago when I took Merrick and my nephew Kai there, but here are some new pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Eventually it was time to come home.  We survived the heat, CC stopped throwing up, and we can once again go outside without our faces melting off.  I love and miss lots of people in Arizona, but I am more than happy to be home.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

AZ Vacay Part I

The highlight of this past week was starting our AZ vacation (and I say "part one" because while Jeremy is heading home this evening, the kids and I will be here all week so I am sure it will be the topic of next week's entry as well).

We came for Jeremy's brother, Bryce's wedding and to see his other brother, Garret, who just got home from serving a two year mission for our church.  We got here on Wednesday and it has been a whirlwind ever since.  We had the wedding, family dinners, Garret spoke in church, we went to the pool, went shopping, rode creatures at the mall, played with Emily and Kai, and slept a little here and there.

Like I said, Jeremy leaves this evening and the kids and I will be here through the week.  He needs to get back to studying (not that he didn't do that while we were here) and I have some things to take care of with our house here.  When we booked our flights it seemed like a good idea for the kids and I to stay behind, but the truth is neither Jeremy or I ever do well when we are apart.  I think it is going to be a long week.

Here are some random pictures from the trip so far.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Celebrate Good Times (Come On)

This week we had a lot to celebrate.  We wrapped up another great school year and today we get to celebrate Father's Day with the best guy around.

Merrick, the lucky duck,got to participate in two preschool graduation ceremonies this week.  With two years under his belt and one more to go before kindergarten, once he finally gets there he is going to be the smartest kid ever to set foot in a kindergarten classroom.

He also asked if we could not take a summer break and go back to school tomorrow.  I for one am happy to take a few months off.

Today is Father's day.  We are all blessed to have to best daddy ever for our family.  He is kind, fun, hardworking, patient, helpful and just an awesome, all-round good guy.  Plus he shares his ice cream and it doesn't get any better than that!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

A couple weeks back we had family pictures taken.  My friend and preschool co-teacher, Lora, takes pictures on the side and she was kind enough to do our family pictures.  I had been holding off because she was going to Photoshop a few more of them for me, but I just can't wait to share them anymore.  Despite the fact that the kids had very little patience (particularly Carrigan) and that we were encroaching on bedtime, we ended up with some really cute pictures.  Lora is very talented.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Carrigan's First Birthday Party

I was going to title this blog "Carrigan Turns One", but that is a little misleading since she has been one for almost a month now.  What this post truly is about is her first birthday party which we had last week.  We had held off on a celebration since we knew that Papa, Grandpa, Lollie, Emily,and Kai would all be in town at the end of the month.  Last Sunday all the stars (and people) aligned and we were already to take a day to celebrate our favorite CC girl.

The party itself was nothing too fancy.  We had everyone over to our house for hot dogs and hamburgers, cake and presents.  I made Carrigan a special birthday outfit and flower cupcake cake (no dairy or eggs).

She got lots presents (mostly shoes...she loves shoes) and she devoured her cake.

I am glad we finally got a chance to celebrate our sweet CC girl.  Happy birthday Rooz-a-Lou!  We love you!