Sunday, July 26, 2015

Family Fun In the Sun

I had wondered this week if, once all the visitor left, those of us that live here would retreat to our various homes to recover and not see much of each other.  Instead we experienced a nice little break in the heat wave we had been having and had an excuse to get outside both with our immediate fam and with cousins.

Last Sunday evening we went with Ben and Becca's family and Maude on a little walk down by the river.  In the spirit of full disclosure, this was before the break in the heat and it was quite toasty.  We still had a nice time, but Carrigan got tired more easily than she might otherwise have and quickly began asking for me to "hold you, me".  All along the trail Jeremy kept trying to relieve me and take a turn carrying C.C. but each time was told "Mama hold you, me".  Finally he convinced her to come to him by offering a ride on his shoulders and assuring her I would not do the same.

Over the course of the week we played with cousins at our house, at their house and at several parks.  Of course we miss Kai, but I am so thankful that my kids have the chance to build these close relationships with their cousins.

The other highlight of the week was that Jeremy had Wednesday off of work (this meant that he had to work yesterday but we won't talk about that part).  We decided to make the most of his time off with a little mid-week adventure.  Tuesday night we met Jeremy at the theater as soon as he got off work and saw the "Minion" movie.  The kids definitely liked it, but I will say is was not as good as the "Despicable Me" movies.

The fun continued the next morning when we went to Oak's Amusement Park park for their preschool rides morning that is geared towards kids 6 and younger.  It was fun to be able to ride some rides without worrying about big kids and rides that were too scary (for Merrick anyway, some were still too scary for Carrigan).  Our fatal mistake, however, came on our very first ride.  It looked innocent enough, but spun us around like nobody's business.  C.C. was not pleased and it took her much of the rest of the morning to warm back up to idea of riding the rides.  She did like the VERY slow moving train ride though, it was just her speed.  At one point she decided she wanted to ride a car ride that required she ride by herself.  She was happy until the ride started, then she went from scared to seriously put out that she could not get off the ride (check out her face in the pictures).   What really cracked me up was we would be walking along and she would see a poster with a cut-out for a photo opp and she would immediatly break off and head towards it saying "I need to smile."  She would then stick her head through the hole and wait for someone to join her and/or someone to take her picture.  She is certainly a girl who knows what she wants.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fun Until Goodbye

This week was just what the title suggests, fun until it was time the say goodbye, first goodbye to Emily and Kai and then goodbye to Nana and Papa.  My parents just left a couple of hours ago so my heart is still really sad, but before we get to the goodbyes, lets talk about the fun.

This week the cousins continued to enjoy spending every minute they could together, whether that meant playing Disney Infinity together at home or playing at a park, they didn't really seem to care what they were doing as long as they were to together.  Over the course of the week we visited a few parks, build the Black Widow motorcycle, and went to the zoo (oh and played lots of Infinity).  The Black Widow motorcycle was a kit that we had picked up from Lowe's for each of the kids to do.  I think they enjoyed making them, but they definitely became a parent project as well.  As for the parks and the zoo, the weather was a touch on the warm side but I think everyone was having too much fun to really notice and mostly we were just happy to be together.

On Friday the first goodbye struck and Emily and Kai went home.  It was tough to see them go and I know it is hard for them being the only ones in Arizona.  Merrick in particular had a rough day on Friday and at one point came in to me crying that now he didn't have anyone to play Infinity with.  I reminded him that he had a little sister he could play with, but he didn't hesitate to let me know that she didn't count.  Jeremy has been a really good sport to step up this weekend the fill the void as Merrick's Infinity partner.

Despite the sadness of Friday, we had Saturday to spend with Nana and Papa (and my Aunt Launa and cousin Jenna who came from California to see everyone).  The West Linn Old Time Fair was this weekend and most of Saturday's activities centered around that.  In the morning there was a parade that Lauren danced in and the kids all got way more candy than they needed.  In the afternoon we went back to the fair.  Merrick got to test his karate skills by breaking a board with his hand and we rode a few rides before we met everyone for dinner at Pieology.

Again, all fun and games and then whamo, it was time to say goodbye to my parents.  My mom had been here over three months and my dad just about two weeks, but no matter how long or short the visit, sending them off half way around the world is heart-wrenching.  It is particularly hard given my dad's current health situation.  The only bright spot is that this is the last goodbye to India.  We sent them off to wrap things up and when they come back it will be for good.  Right in this moment I am focusing on that and doing my best to take comfort in it.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Family Visitors Round II

One week ago today we all piled into the car and went to the airport to pick up my very weary father.  Most of you know that my mom has been with us for several months now (since just before our move into our new house) and that the plan has always been for my dad to come join her for the last couple of weeks of her trip and for them to return to India together.  Most of you also know that my dad has been very ill with an auto immune disorder aggravated by a ruptured cyst and subsequent infection.  For a while it looked as if his visit would have to be canceled, but in the end he decided to come anyway.  Well, when we picked him up last Sunday, I wondered if the decision to have him come had been the wrong one.  Don't get me wrong, I was happy to see him, but I was not really prepared for the condition he was in and I wondered if the trip was going to cause an insurmountable set back.

Over this past week we, for the most part, have taken things easy.  This visit has not really been about big trips to the beach, Mt. Hood, or Multnomah  Falls, but about resting, pain treatment visits, and frequent games of "Go Fish".  The improvement my dad has made of the course of the week, while no where near complete, is undeniable.  He still moves slowly and with a cane, but he is stronger and able to do more and more things on his own.  We have one more week to get him whipped into shape before my parent have to go home.  I hope we can make enough progress that when he arrived back in India he is better shape than when he arrived here.

My dad was not our only visitor to arrive this past week.  On Friday Emily and Kai got here.  They came so they could see my dad and so that they could be a part of yesterday's festivities.  Yesterday was Colvin's 8th birthday.  For anyone not of our faith, 8 is a big birthday for us because that is when we get baptized.  Typically it does not take place on your actual birthday, but the stars aligned for Colvin and we was able to have a day all about him, starting with slurpees at 7-11, moving to a slip-in-slide birthday party, and ending with his baptism.  Not only was it a great day, but it is just the beginning of Emily and Kai's visit with lots more fun to come.

P.S. All photos are courtesy of Auntie Em, who will be the official photographer during her stay.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July 2015

Since moving to Oregon, the 4th of July has become one of my favorite, if not my very favorite holiday.  The reasons for this include the legal fireworks that many people light in the street right in front of their houses and for Jim and Tamie Brown's famous July 4th party.  This year, mid June we started hearing rumors that the Browns might not be having their party.  When it turned out the rumors were actually true, we were worried that the day might be DOA.  Fortunately, with a little last minute planning, we were able to pull off a day to remember after all.

Early in the day we (and my mom) went to see the new Pixar movie Inside Out.  We don't have a lot of experience with Carrigan at the movie theater and I was wondering how it would go, but for the most part she did great.  It is amazing what a non-stop supply of candy will do.
                                                            Image result for inside out

After the movie we headed to Ben and Becca's house for some slip-n-slide action and a bar-b-que.  I didn't slide this time and CC did about 1/4 of a slide, but Jeremy and Merrick slid enough for all of us (they both even have bruises today to prove it).  We had invited some friends of ours, the Wilsons and the Corbins, and a good time was had by all.

We ended the day at the Corbin's.  We roasted s'mores over a fire pit and lit fireworks.  We had a couple of close calls with fireworks coming a little too close for comfort and an incident where Lincoln may or may not have eaten a firework, but everyone was having a good enough time that we didn't make it home until almost 11.  In fact, Carrigan was so tired that she fell asleep in the one mile drive from the Corbin's to our house and while she stirred briefly when I put on her pajamas, she was out enough that I ended up cutting her hair ties off of her while in her crib.  I am going to take that at a sign of a great day.

And since I am in the habit lately of doing double duty on the blog, let me just mention that Merrick went with the family of a friend from preschool to the coast on Friday.  I was a bit nervous to have him away from me, but he had a blast.  They went crabbing, playing in the water, went to an arcade.  The boy's mom sent me a few pictures during the day so I could keep my sanity and not worry too much.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bonus Pics

Here are some bonus vacay pics courtesy of Uncle Garret.