Sunday, May 21, 2017

Carrigan's birthday

I am so behind in blogging, life has been eventful, but I would be remiss if I didn't take today to write about Carrigan's birthday party that we had last weekend.  It was supposed to be at a park by our house, but the weather was terrible so we moved in into the church building.  Despite the poor weather, everyone we invited showed up and that we had a full house for our princess themed party.

No party would be complete without party games.  We played "Tangled in Tangled's Hair" where partners took turns mummifying each other in yellow crape paper.  We played "Poison Apple Hot Potato" where after falling dead the princesses were awoken with true love's kiss (a Hershey's Kiss).
We played "Fairy Godmother May I?" (think Mother May I) and "Pin the Kiss On the Frog Prince" (think Pin the Tail on the Donkey).

After games we had snacks and a pinata.

We wrapped things up with presents and cupcakes.

It was the perfect princess party for the perfect, pretty princess.

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