Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

This week we loaded up the car and headed off for our big vacation of the summer.  The fun started at Great Wolf Lodge.  You may remember my past blogs about Great Wolf as this was our third visit, but it has been three years since our last trip.  We had booked a trip for last summer but then Merrick broke his arm and obviously casts and water parks don't mix, so we had to cancel.

Thankfully this year everyone stayed whole and we got to spend two magical days at Great Wolf.  Given that the main attraction is a water park, my pictures are a little lacking but rest assured everyone had a blast.  This year Merrick was tall enough for all the slides and while Carrigan was tall enough for all but one slide, she stuck to the kiddie area, the wave pool, and the hot tub.  Because of their differing interests, Jeremy and I divided and conquered so both the kids could have just the trip they were hoping for.

While the water park was where we spent most of out time, we also made time for MagiQuests, face painting, and story time with the Great Wolf mascot.

We had so much fun that a certain little boy, who shall remain nameless, shed actual tears as we pulled away, but our fun was not over yet.  Instead of heading home, we headed to Seattle for one more day of fun.

In downtown Seattle we explored Pike's Place and visited the uber gross Gum Wall.  Then we took a boat ride across the harbor to West Seattle.  Across the harbor, the vibe is completely different.  We took a leisurely stroll along the water, watched jellyfish, and watched people catch crabs.

Finally we headed home as exhausted as could be.  Now we have just a couple of days to rest and catch up before the excitement of  the 4th of July.

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