Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017 (plus some baseball)

I am a little premature on this post since Easter is only about half was over, but our Easter celebration started yesterday and I already have so much to share so we are forging ahead.

The fun began yesterday morning at the City of West Linn's Annual Easter egg hunt.  I may have mentioned this in past years, but it is a mad dash across the football field to grab eggs that lasts about 30 seconds.  The kids have a blast though and never want to miss it.

After the hunt Merrick had his first baseball game.  He did a great job and had a blast.  He got an out while playing third base and got a hit every time he went up to bat without having to use the T (they get five pitches from the coach and then have to switch to the T).  Carrigan enjoyed the sunshine and entertained herself while doing her best not to watch baseball.

We finished the day at the Rice Museum of Rocks and Minnerals.  They were having a "thunderegg extravaganza".  For those of you who don't know about Oregon's state rock, the thunderegg, they are ordinary looking rocks on the outside with really cool minerals, crystals, and agates on the inside.  At the museum they had plastic eggs around the property.  If you found an egg of each color you could trade them in for a thuderegg which they would cut open for you.  It was really fun to do something so out of the box.


This morning the Easter bunny stopped by our house and left toys, clothes, and candy galore.  He is always so good to us.  After taking a peak at all the goodies we headed off to church to be reminded of the true meaning of Easter. 

In a few minutes we will head to Nana and Papa's house for another egg hunt and dinner.  It has been a memorable Easter and one that makes me grateful for all my blessings, particularly my Savior and my family.

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